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A Local’s Guide to Gainesville

A Local’s Guide to Gainesville

On April 30, 2019

Gainesville, Florida is home to the University of Florida, but there is a lot more to this bit of the Sunshine State. Gainesville from a local’s perspective is even more amazing than as a tourist. If you want to experience Gainesville, and I mean really experience it, then here are things you should check out Gainesville from a local’s perspective.

1. Union Street Farmers Market

Florida has a climate that caters to many different types of fruits and vegetables that can’t be grown in other areas of the United States. With a growing season that lasts all year long, the farmers’ markets are always a fun, treasure trove of goodness.

This market is one of the best around and happens every Wednesday, no matter the weather. There is more available than just fresh grown produce too, including succulents, gifts, snacks, and crafts for sale.

Be forewarned: don’t come here in a hurry. You will want to take time to wander from tent to tent checking out all the offerings.

2. Check Out the Local Bars

As with other big cities, the nightlife in Gainesville is a fun part of the culture. Two of the coolest bars that the locals love are Rockey’s Dueling Piano Bar and The Arcade Bar.

Rockey’s is a unique bar that combines specialty drinks with an entertaining take on piano music. The talented pianists are showcased on stage, performing requests from the audience on the spot. The audience involvement is what really makes the bar fun, so don’t hold back.

The other bar, The Arcade Bar, is another unique stop. Spend the night with friends, showing off your gaming skills. With three floors, there is plenty of room to spread out and try different games while sampling different types of drinks.

3. Union Street Station

For a unique shopping experience, try the Union Street Station. There is something for everyone, it seems. Music lovers can look through vinyl records or listen to up and coming local musicians. Art lovers can find a home in the galleries. Fashionistas find unique styles for every aesthetic.

Perusing the shops here is an experience and showcases a lot of the culture in Gainesville.

4. The Cade Museum

One of Gainesville’s claim to fame is that Gatorade was invented here, by Dr. Cade. To honor the innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship involved, the Cade Museum was created. There are many creative exhibits here that highlight art and science.

Even more fun is the exciting programs and events that are offered for visitors of all ages. Check the website for the most current classes to see what interests you the most. These classes help encourage all kinds of innovation and get members thinking about how they can stretch themselves and use their own talents and thoughts to create something awesome.

5. Local Festivals

One of the most popular local festivals is the Gainesville Art Festival, or Gainesville Downtown Festival and Art Show. This single event attracts more than 100,000 people each year and is great for the whole family to attend. The historic downtown area is covered in art, music, and entertainment with free concerts and dance performances.

Art activities for children that help encourage imagination and skill are great for the younger crowd while the sidewalk chalk art is eye candy for all visitors. Enjoy all the different activities like making masks and designing puppets, or just stroll around admiring everything while tasting all the different types of food offered.

All different styles of art are available for purchase from paintings to art, ceramics, and jewelry.

6. Matheson History Museum

Gainesville is a city rich in history and the Matheson History Museum is one of the best at featuring it. Visitors are taken through time to see the significant history of the area. Exhibits are well curated, designed to raise discussion and give context to past events.

The museum also features rotating exhibits so those who visit more than once (aka locals) are always treated to something new.

7. Experience the Culture

There are many different cultures combined in Gainesville, just like the rest of the state. Locals love to sample all the varied food styles spread through the town.

Another way to immerse yourself in the culture is through The 352 Walls project. Art is painted through the city on walls, buildings, and parks to highlight the skill of local artists. Each is vibrant and has its own unique style.

Look at the website for a list of the artwork around town and even download a map. With 352 murals, there is more to see than vacationers can usually fit in, which is why it is great to experience this as a local.

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